Where to start listening

Stumped on where to start listening? Let me make some recommendations!

A graphic with the Buried Secrets type treatment as well as images of a ouija board, ravens, ghosts, and polaroids.
In case you're wondering, this piece of art is inspired by the cover of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company's 1897 travel booklet, Wonderland junior, which can be accessed via Archive.org.

My favorite episode is On Mylar Balloons and Forgotten Futures, but I've arranged many other episodes by topic here.

You can listen to the podcast on all major podcatchers; the links below will take you to the show notes for each episode. (I wish I could link to the specific episode listening page for each episode on all major podcatchers, but . . . no one has that much time. So take a look at the list below, and then find the episode on your preferred podcatcher. 👻🎧)

Want to learn more about paranormal investigation techniques?

Stories about my own paranormal experiences

Love a deep dive?

Goatman's Bridge series

The history and hauntings of Fordham University

Ouija Board series

Like haunted hotels?

Into NYC history?

Haunted Astoria

NYC Cemeteries

New York Crystal Palace

Haunted Churches

The Haunted Hell Gate and Roosevelt Island