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About the podcast

Here's the podcast's vibe and format: I originally started the podcast with a friend, but it's been a solo podcast since late 2020. Episodes are essentially audio essays where I talk about the paranormal, the occult, and weird and forgotten history.

If you're unsure of where to start listening, check out this partial list of episodes organized by topics. My favorite episode is "On mylar balloons and forgotten futures", which you can also read in essay form.


All episodes have some form of text accompanying them. To make the podcast more accessible, as of April 2023, I publish a written essay version of each episode. (They aren't word-for-word, but they're very close. My focus is on making them good essays, not exact transcripts of the episodes.)

I'm slowly working on writing essay-formatted versions of the backlog of older episodes, but older episode shownotes still include the scripts that I used when recording each episode. So no matter what, you'll find something written up for each episode.

As of the last time I tallied 'em in early 2022, the scripts totaled around 220,000 words. That's about 30,000 words longer than The Fellowship of the Ring, which is to say: I still have a lot of writing to do in order to create an essay version of each of them. But I'm working on it!