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john keel

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Window areas and how to find magnetic faults near you

How to research a specific area's magnetic anomalies.

a digital collage of multiple magnetic maps and the words "magnetic anomalies map from the United States geological survey"
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Electromagnetism, UFOs, and psychic abilities

Following up on last week's post about John Keel's Wednesday phenomenon, I want to look at electromagnetic weirdness that came up in both John Keel's book Operation Trojan Horse (1970) and Russel Targ's book Limitless Mind (2010). Also, a disclaimer: Physics was my worst subject in school (well, that and

a digital drawing of a teal UFO, moon, and stars
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Vintage zines and research woes (Learning Things: May 8, 2023)

Here's a rundown of what I've been up to this week: Paranormal research Over the weekend, I spent a while looking through old UFO newsletters and zines. I love the aesthetic of the typewritten, xeroxed 1950s-1980s publications (I definitely have a bit of anemoia when it comes to 'em.) I

a yellow UFO with a purple background with a graph of notes
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What's the best time for remote viewing and seeing ultraterrestrials?

More about John Keel's Wednesday phenomenon.

a purple UFO imposed over a distorted halftone USGS magnetic anomaly map
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Magical days for UFOs and witches

What day are you most likely to see a UFO or other magical things?

psychedelic digital drawing of a purple UFO with wavy repeated text saying "dropping into this time cycle"
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The 1897 UFO Flap in North Texas

In 1897, a series of mysterious airships were sighted all around the United States. This is a look at the flap in general, with a particular focus on some of the North Texas UFO sightings.

A digital drawing of a fish-shaped airship with "1897 mystery airships" as repeated text in the background.
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Paranormal fires and UFOs

What's the connection between fires and paranormal entities?

A graphite-style digital drawing of a burning candle.