Hallucinatory Men in Black

a collage of some grime and the first page of the Anomaly newsletter

Today's post is just a tiny little nugget that didn't quite gel with yesterday's post about Hallucinatory UFOs and sound, but which I found interesting and wanted to put a pin in.

Men in Black and sleep paralysis

In the same issue of John Keel's Anomaly newsletter, Anomaly issue 1, May 1, 1969, John Keel writes that there are multiple types of men in black, but some are "more psychic or hallucinatory than real."

He also said that they (I think both physical and psychic ones?) "frequently employ hypnotic techniques."

He wrote:

They appear and disappear suddenly in bedrooms and the witnesses often experience paralysis or a sudden rise in temperature in their presence. We now have dozens of such cases in our files. An article on this aspect will soon appear in MALE magazine.

Looking for the article about it

I did a bit of poking around looking for this Male magazine article. A couple of his Male magazine articles appear in the collection Searching for the String, but both of those are from 1970 and seem to be more about UFO encounters than the sleep-paralysis-style men in black encounters.

I have a bunch of scans of John Keel's articles saved on my hard drive (I'm an inveterate collector of digital ephemera), so I found one possible candidate for the Male magazine article that he mentioned. The scan doesn't give a date or the publication name, but the article title is "The Bedroom Invaders" and it claims to be stories from Operation Trojan Horse, which was published in 1970.

That being said, I searched my ebook version of Operation Trojan Horse and wasn't able to find exact matches for any of the randomly selected phrases from the article that I tried to find.

So maybe it's less an excerpt and more rephrased data, or maybe it's info that was left on the cutting room floor, since Keel wrote in the intro of the book that the original manuscript was 2,000 words long.

In skimming the article, it didn't seem like there was a ton about the sleep paralysis aspect of men in black sightings, but I'm going to read it a bit more closely, digest it, and see whether there's anything interesting to be gleaned there.