What's the best time for remote viewing and seeing ultraterrestrials?

More about John Keel's Wednesday phenomenon.

a purple UFO imposed over a distorted halftone USGS magnetic anomaly map

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about "magical" days. I looked at an anecdote from Thieves in the Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions by Joshua Cutchin—about the days that witches roam from Hungarian folklore—and compared it to John Keel's 1960s analysis of what time and date people are most likely to see UFOs.

Since then, I've continued to keep an eye out for mentions of times, places, and conditions that are supposed to be easier for weirdness to seep through. In the last week or so, I've stumbled across a few more tidbits. One comes from Operation Trojan Horse by John Keel (1970) once again, and the other comes from Limitless Mind by Russell Targ (2010).

Two things interest me here:

  1. Both offer information about the ideal time and conditions for UFO or psychic phenomena.
  2. Both talk about electromagnetism.

I'm going to tackle that second point in a blog post next week; I'd like to mostly focus on the time element here.

John Keel's UFO-seeking advice

Like I mentioned, I've written about the "Wednesday phenomenon" that Keel describes in Operation Trojan Horse; earlier in the book, he says that Wednesdays are the best day to see UFOs, followed by Thursdays, Fridays and then Saturdays—in that order. .

As I've continued Operation Trojan Horse, I was a bit surprised that to see that, later in the book, he amends that slightly, suggesting "Wednesday or Saturday" night as the best days to see UFOs:

UFOs seem to congregate above the highest available hills in these window areas. They become visible in these centers and then radiate outward, traveling sometimes 100-200 miles before disappearing again.
So if you are eager to see a genuine example of our phenomenon, pick a good Wednesday or Saturday evening, visit the highest ground in the area closest to you that has a magnetic fault, and watch the sky around 10 P.M. The best times are the last two weeks in March and the first two weeks in April, all of July-August, the last two weeks in October, and the first weeks in November and December.

But later on (in a chapter I haven't gotten to yet; I cheated with a full-text search), he goes from talking about the "Wednesday phenomenon" to the "Wednesday-Saturday phenomenon." That makes sense to me, since the tail end of the week seemed to have the highest percentages of UFO sightings, according to his data:

The Wednesday-Saturday phenomenon exists in all the frames of reference. For some reason, the twenty-fourth days of April, June, September, November, and December seem to produce exceptional activity year after year. It is probable that manifestations are dependent upon unknown conditions that have an electromagnetic basis. When specific individuals (people with latent or active psychic abilities) are in specific places (window areas) at specific times (flap periods when the undefined electromagnetic conditions exist), the phenomenon is able to manifest itself in one of its many forms.

It's possible that in the course of writing the book, he shifted his "Wednesday phenomenon" idea that he mentioned in an earlier chapter to the "Wednesday-Saturday phenomenon" that he talks about later. Perfectly understandable, since he wrote the book before word processors that allowed you to control+F search your work, and because he states at the beginning of the book that the original manuscript for Operation Trojan Horse was over 2,000 pages long. So that's a lot of info to have to cut out and pay attention to.

(Though I guess it's worth mentioning that in The Mothman Prophecies, published later, he returns to talking about the "Wednesday phenomenon"; there's a whole chapter about it.)

Keel's tl;dr on ideal conditions for UFO sightings

So, to slightly revise the  information in my earlier post, it seems that according to Operation Trojan Horse, the best time and place to see a UFO is:

Day of the week: Wednesday (ideally), Thursday, Friday, or Saturday

Time: around 10 pm (or sometime between 8-11 pm)

Location: go to the highest ground near you that also has an magnetic fault

Date: on April 24, June 24, September 24, November 24, or December 24, or sometime during the last two weeks in March and the first two weeks in April, all of July-August, the last two weeks in October, and the first weeks in November and December

Russell Targ's best times for psychic performance

Like I mentioned, I'm also simultaneously reading to the audiobook Limitless Mind by Russell Targ. I've been on a bit of a remote reviewing research kick lately[1].

I was surprised and interested to find that Targ argues that electromagnetic interference degrades psychic performance.

Because of this, Targ claims it's best to do psychic stuff when electromagnetic forces are low, and he's determined that 1300 hours sidereal time is the best time for that. (Though he makes sure to reiterate that you can be psychic at any time. As with Keel's UFO statistics, just because something's easier or more likely at a certain time, that doesn't mean that it's impossible at other times.)

Now, as befits a physicist, Targ's suggestion of 1300 hours sidereal time is slightly less straightforward than Keel's straightforward 10 pm suggestion.

Here's what I can tell you: sidereal time is, like, star time. If you're trying to stargaze, knowing the sidereal time will help you know where the different celestial bodies are. Beyond that, all I can do is point you to a local sidereal time calculator.

I was going to calculate the sidereal time for different locations, but then I realized that sidereal days are shorter than regular days, so it isn't a simple one-and-done conversion. Also, I wasn't seeing an easy online calculator for figuring out, say, what time 1300 hours sidereal would be today in Queens, New York. I could only find the current sidereal time.

I guess it's possible to do the math from there, but I think I must have plugged some incorrect longitude info into some of the sites, because I got different results for my the current sidereal time here in Queens depending on which one I chose. And then wasn't sure which one to go with. So . . . plenty of room for improvement in my comprehension of how the heck sidereal time works. But if you're more conversant in sidereal time, it's something to keep an eye on.


Where does this leave us? Well, I suppose you could cross-reference this information: If 1300 hours sidereal is a low electromagnetic time, then it stands to reason that the rest of the day has higher electromagnetic forces.

If, as Keel suggests, higher electromagnetic activity is correlated with UFO sightings (and if ultraterrestrials are maybe using electromagnetic fields to manifest), then you could find intentionally find a high electromagnetic sidereal time that also fulfills the conditions that Keel suggests for UFO sightings, and perhaps raise your chances of encountering something strange that way?

So that's one use for this information. At any rate, I'll keep collecting this trivia and see where it leads.

[1] Here's a fun synchronicity: I noticed that the Newkirks' Haunted Objects podcast episode that dropped this week was about Uri Geller and remote viewing.