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The hype around the Panasonic RR-DR60

A look at lore surrounding the legendary Panasonic RR-DR60. How did the late 1990s audio recorder become a device that now sells for $4,000-5,000 USD on eBay? What makes the DR60 so special? Highlights include: * plenty o' nostalgia (and skepticism) * a digression about hard drives (everyone's favorite) * some

a diagram of a DR60 overlaid on a swirled purple background with the words "the hype around the Panasonic RR-DR60"
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A meandering week (Learning Things: May 22, 2021)

This past week has felt especially meandering to me. Time seems slightly twisty; I've found myself repeatedly writing the date as either March 2023 or May 2025, so I'm not sure what that's about. I suppose I should just be grateful that my brain finally feels like it's broken out

engraving style flowers based on a 19th century illustration
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Dark forests and notable trees (Link Roundup: May 9, 2023)

Here's some stuff I've enjoyed reading, playing, and listening to lately.

a drawing of a purple Eurasian eagle-owl
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Spirit boxes and paranormal nostalgia

A deep dive into nostalgia, liminality, and the paranormal.

A halftone-style photo collage of a polaroid camera, headphones, and a spirit box with the words "feeling nostalgic"
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Following a vintage automatic writing planchette ad down a rabbit hole

Digging into the backstory of an ad in Mystic magazine.

Digital drawing of an automatic writing planchette.
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Is the Panasonic RR-DR60 worth it?

Musings on an expensive and hyped piece of tech.

A graphite-style digital drawing of a Panasonic RR-DR60 recorder.
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Starting the biodata sonification build (Learning Things: April 10, 2023)

Biodata sonification supplies and Erik Satie-inspired automatic drawings.

A black and white drawing of a snake plant with the repeated words "love to talk to plants" in the background.
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I asked ChatGPT to create and code paranormal investigation gear for me

I wouldn't say that it went "well."

A digital drawing of a SB-7 spirit box with a swirly pattern
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Trusting your own perception

It's hard to trust yourself.

A black and white digital drawing of a Eurasian eagle owl, rendered in a sketchy style.
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On humanity, writing, and digital dead malls

Are our errors what make us human?

a black and white graphite-style digital sketch of a dead mall