A quick Monday update (Learning Things: June 26, 2023)

A super short version of my weekly update on my research and projects.

a digital sketch of asters

We've got about two weeks left in the New Blood Kickstarter, so please contribute and spread the word if you want to help bring two new, queer paranormal TV series into the world!

Paranormal research

I've was a bit sick last week so haven't done anything too exciting, research-wise. That's also why this is a bit shorter than my usual Monday updates. My energy level . . . isn't the highest right now.

But I've prepped the script for the episode that drops on Friday! So, you know, the bare minimum.

Tech and/or DIY paranormal gear

After watching this video on YouTube and feeling called out because I'm the prince of procrastination and jumping from project to project, I decided to actually pick that biodata sonification build back up again. I finished up the soldering and assembly and am now just at the point where I'm loading code onto the board. Which for some reason is easier said than done. I'll figure it out.

Art and paranormal investigation

No progress to report here this week.


It was a pretty good writing (revising) week! Also, some of the worldbuilding thinking/research inspired most of the blog posts this week, so stay tuned for more solarpunk tech-related stuff, in the vein of other solarpunk stuff I've written/podcasted about.


After mentioning that I wanted to tweak some things on my website, I did try out a different layout. I like that it's more browsable, but there're still some kinks I'm working out, so we'll see if I keep it as is or change it again. It's a work in progress.