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Tree talkin' and train tracks (Learning Things: April 24, 2023)

I wish I could say that I made a ton of progress on all of my goals this week, unlike last time. But that'd be a lie. I was a bit under the weather this week and moved very, very slowly, so it's kinda a wonder I got anything done

White tree branches with grainy pink shading and a mint green background.
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Spirit highways and New York City sewers

Can city infrastructure play a role in hauntings?

a digital drawing of a vintage train
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I miss the old internet (Link Roundup: April 20, 2023)

I keep saying I'm gonna do this, so at long last: here's a roundup of some online things I've enjoyed over the past few weeks! This one's a bit tech heavy, because I hyperfocused while reading about how the internet used to be, so I ended up with a lot

a sketchy digital drawing of St. John's wort
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Bad architecture, clutter, and hauntings

The connection between ghosts and physical spaces.

a digital drawing of a Victorian mansion at night with stars in the background
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Magical days for UFOs and witches

What day are you most likely to see a UFO or other magical things?

psychedelic digital drawing of a purple UFO with wavy repeated text saying "dropping into this time cycle"
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Magnolia trees and frustration (Learning Things: April 17, 2023)

A lot of my efforts (in all areas of my life) this week have felt like trudging slowly through mud. While writing this, I paused and looked up whether a Mercury Retrograde is approaching, and sure enough, it looks like we've been in the shadow period since the April 6.

a black and white digital drawing of an owl with blank white eyes
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The 1897 UFO Flap in North Texas

In 1897, a series of mysterious airships were sighted all around the United States. This is a look at the flap in general, with a particular focus on some of the North Texas UFO sightings.

A digital drawing of a fish-shaped airship with "1897 mystery airships" as repeated text in the background.
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Thoughts on some Victorian aliens

Musings about the appearance of the airship crews during the 1897 UFO flap.

A trippy digital drawing of a figure in the yellow beam of a green UFO, with the text "human or alien" swirled behind it.
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Paranormal fires and UFOs

What's the connection between fires and paranormal entities?

A graphite-style digital drawing of a burning candle.
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Is the Panasonic RR-DR60 worth it?

Musings on an expensive and hyped piece of tech.

A graphite-style digital drawing of a Panasonic RR-DR60 recorder.